Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I woke about 5 this morning and Ricky told me to go wake BJ up-he had to be at work by 6 and since he's living here temporarily it'll take him an hour to get to work. Thankfully that will only last about a month until he moves to his USM dorm. He had already got up and left, never hurts to make sure though.

I really don't want to get back in that room and clean anymore but if I don't it'll never get done-I'm the world's laziest when it comes to cleaning and I have my grandmother's pack rat tendencies. At least I got all the junk out, it's just a matter of setting the trash bags out for the trash men to get today and rearranging all the stuff still in there. Still I'm tired and have a crick in my neck so I don't feel like doing anything. Once I get in there I'll be ok cause once I start something I usually try to finish-except crochet/knitting for some reason-go figure.

Guess I better get going, I have to go to town in a bit for a couple of things.

At least I'm getting a good start on transforming the room into my crochet/knit room.

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