Thursday, February 05, 2015


Okay, a hooded scarf is called a Scoodie, I can understand that. But what if you only wanted a hood without the scarf attached? I suppose you could make one with ties on it, sort of like a bonnet, but I had an idea to make a neckwarmer with a hood attached. Then what would it be? I pondered this for a few minutes and came up with:


Why even consider something like this? Well, I really don't like dangly scarf ends and I wanted something that would look nice and be practical.

A neckwarmer is basically a circular band that you wear around your neck in lieu of a scarf. So why not attach a hood to it and end the need to wear a separate hat?

So I've gotten out my knitting needles and crochet hook and am in the process of designing a knitted and a crocheted version for all my knitting and crochet friends out there. The patterns will be posted to my Ravelry as soon as I've completed them.