Monday, May 09, 2005

Sweater Reborn

After I finished frogging the cardigan and rolling all the yarn I had to try out the pineapple shawl that I saw at Crochetville.

The pattern can be found here. There are some corrections that need to be made if it's to work out right:

On row 1 you only need 16 dc, including the beg ch-3

On row 3 you should have 34 dc, including the beg ch-3

Hopefully you can work the rest out.

Yes, it is a doily pattern. When you work it in worsted weight yarn and a K hook you also get a beautiful shawl. It wraps around me pretty well and I'm a pretty good sized woman so it'll probably fit up to a x-large, at least.

It took almost every scrap of yarn I frogged out of that sweater to make the shawl and I only had enough to do the first round of the edging. I still think it looks fine with only that. I toyed with the idea of maybe using the fringe I frogged off the sweater front on the shawl but decided against it, I think fringe would take away from the simplicity and beauty that is already there.

I'm giving it to my mom, it'll be her Mother's Day gift albeit a little late but they'll be coming down to visit next week so I'm sure she won't mind getting it a little late.

Anyway, here it is:

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Chatty said...

Thanks guys. I'm pretty proud of it myself, it's my first go at a shawl and I got pretty nervous towards the end of the edging, didn't breathe a sigh of relief till I finished that round.

I'm definitely making another one for myself, it's extremely cuddly.

Jewels said...

stunningly beautiful as a shawl. It seems like you made it very quickly too!

Nancy said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I have to make one for my Mom for Christmas!

Chatty said...

Jewels said: stunningly beautiful as a shawl. It seems like you made it very quickly too!

Thank you, the pattern does work up really fast. I've finished one for myself and I'm making at least one more for my secret pal for her birthday in August.

vicki said...

chatty, you did a awesome job, i have to make that now. thanks for sharing the pattern link. its so beautiful, your mom is going to love it