Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I was right

It's good to know my estimating skills are still good. I just finished winding that big skein of country blue and I was curious as to how much it weighed so I pulled out my kitchen scale and made sure it was set to 0 then weighed the cake. It weighed in at a tiny bit over 7 oz so it was just about half of one of RH's Pounders. I remember years ago when W-M was selling the pounders that I bought some and this is what's left.

I'm glad the whole skein wasn't tangled, just the two ends or I would have been forever untangling then winding that one. As it was, it still took awhile cause the closer I got to the end the more it tried to tangle when I would pull it out but I managed to get a decent looking cake from it. It looked kind of dirty in places but I think when I use it I should be able to wash the item and it will come clean.

Well, back to the tangle pile.

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