Monday, May 29, 2017

As promised

Here's a picture of the finished sock. I finished it quite awhile back (weather was still very cold too), and have been wearing them since.

They're just a little big on me, even though I used a needle one size smaller than the pattern author did. I think I could go down another two sizes if I wanted.

I also got an inspiration from this pattern and wrote my own. It's constructed the same as this one, in that you knit them on two needles. However, you knit each row. Yes, it's a garter stitch slipper sock with short row toes and heels. I have it up on my Ravelry store as a free download. Here's a peek at it:

This one doesn't have a mate because I didn't have enough yarn to do one. As it was only so I could add an image to the PDF file, it's okay. I'm working on several pairs right now. Black, blue, mauve, a pair for the granddaughter with heels/toes/ribbing in a varigate and the rest in blue.

I think a size 5 needle will give a typical adult sock, while a size 3 needle will give a kid size. I wouldn't go smaller than a size 3 with WW yarn though.

And since I put the pattern up last week, it's had around 236 downloads and 62 favorites. I'm quite happy that so many like it. I just hope the directions are clear enough for them to get as pretty a sock as I did.