Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I got another idea

I'm finished detangling for today anyway, we have an early church this evening and I need to get a bath and wash my hair so it'll have time to dry before we go. It's sort of going to be a fellowship/goodbye dinner at 6 since our pastor is leaving next week. Dinner will be at 6, bible study at 7 and cake/ice cream afterwards. I'm really going to miss them. Ms. Janie's shawl should be finished by then, don't know about the tie, might have to send it to him.

Anyway, my idea. I just got through rolling a 4 oz ball of black sportweight yarn, don't know if I bought it or if someone gave it to me but I got to thinking, usually a dangerous thing for me to be doing (see posts about crochet dummy ;)) Anyway I got out my #0/3.25mm steel hook and I'm going to see how the pineapple shawl will look as a scarf. I think it will be big enough to go around my neck as a scarf when I'm through, I'm only to row 6 which is the starting of the beginning shells. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm off to the bath, then I'll pick up the shawl and try to do some more on it, I just don't feel like detangling anymore right now, especially after those 3 balls of country blue I had to wind-1-7 oz, 1-4 oz, and 1-3 oz ball-that gives me a heckuva lot of country blue yarn to figure out what to do with, I'm thinking maybe a Serafina after I finish a couple of other projects. After I finish the rose afghan I'm going to start crocheting for me, it's about time, out of all the stuff I've crocheted over the last year I've only kept a few things, a Homespun pineapple shawl, some socks and a couple of dishrags and a capelet.

I think I need to start crocheting/knitting for me now.

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