Monday, June 13, 2005

Lotsa tangles and UFOs

One of the things I'm going to need to do if I'm going to do this dress dummy is untangle some of this tangled up old yarn I have. I'll be using as much scrap yarn as I can find and will probably frog some UFOs to use since some of them I can't tell what I wanted them to be so I might as well use them for something constructive and be doing something for the UFO-along I'm a part of.

As tangled as all this yarn is I don't believe in throwing it away. If it got tangled it can be untangled, you just need lots of patience. I have a 35 gallon tote full of UFOs and tangled yarn, some of it isn't tangled but I'll have to go through the tangles to find that.

So, in between finishing the Candy Apple Pineapple shawl and tie for our pastor and his wife by the 23rd, when they leave, the rose afghan I have to make and the dress dummy I should be quite busy for awhile.

At least I'll have my yarn untangled and the UFOs either frogged or set aside to finish later.

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