Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Crystalite hooks

While they're a little different to use and not quite as smooth as an aluminum hook I found one thing out-they crochet Lion Brand Homespun better than Boye aluminum. For some reason the Boye J hook snagged the yarn on almost every stitch and I was starting to get frustrated when I decided to try my J Crystalite hook. It barely snags it once in awhile and I'm much happier now and should get this shawl done in no time and with much less frustration. I don't know why it's better with the Homespun but when I made my Homespun shawl I had been using the Crystalite K and didn't have a problem with snagging. I guess it's the way they're made or something. I don't know how a wooden hood would do since I don't own any but for Homespun yarn Crystalite hooks crochet it much better than Boye aluminum, at least for me they do.

Many, many thanks to my fairy godmother who RAOK'd me with them, you have saved me a lot of frustration with Homespun yarn, which I love to work with for it's softness but found frustrating because of the snagging.

It's a good thing too because I just had to frog the whole thing because I miscounted on the first row, now I can redo it without all the frustration of snagging the yarn.

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