Monday, June 20, 2005

WIP list sorted, sort of

I've kinda-sort of, put my WIP list in the order I need/want to finish. The first two are definitely the two that need to be finished first, as for the rest, they're kinda-sorta in the order I'd like to finish them. I've also found a couple of UFOs in the tote I've been detangling that I'd like to finish, that list is under the WIP list just in case I find more UFOs.


A Rose in Bloom afghan-size I hook
2 thread ties-a red one in a pineapple pattern-size 8 hook and a blue one in hdc-size 10 hook
A Cocoon sweater-size K hook
A 63 squares afghan-size H hook, could be anything from G to K, depending on pattern
A pair of crocheted socks in baby yarn, 2 colors of pink-size E hook
A pair of knit socks in RHSS camo-size 3 dpn
A pair of knit socks in baby yarn-lilac-size 3 dpn
A pair of knit slipper socks in Caron SS-baby varigated-size 7 circ
A crochet tank top-size G hook
A sherbet tank top-size H hook
A knit basketweave scarf-size 10½ straight needles
A crochet eyelet wrap-size J hook
A doily for the doily swap in Aunt Lydia's ecru-size 7 hook(hope that's ok with my swap partner, AL is the only thread I can afford)
Finish detangling that tote of yarn, almost there, just got tired of it, plus I need to finish that shawl and those ties. There's some more stuff in there that needs frogging too.
A beret from the Homespun I used on my black/white pineapple shawl.-size K hook
2 mini-shawls-black in size 0 hook and blue in size F hook, same pattern as the pineapple shawls I've been making only in lighter yarn and smaller hook. This is really an experiment to see what it'll do, it could flop or it could fly.
A knit dishcloth-size 8 needles
A crochet dishcloth-size H hook
A Fleuri Bag-needs to be lined and put together

UFOs I found that I want to finish:

An arrowhead afghan-if I can find the colors I'm using-size ? hook, will have to experiment, not sure if I used hook specified in pattern or went larger.
A scrap afghan in the step pattern-I'm calling it Around the World in 80 Scraps-it's in the quilt pattern called Around the World and I probably can find 80 different scraps to use in it.-size H hook


Ana Banana said...

I feel so much better about my WIP list now. I'm sure it'd be as long as yours is if I wasn't having memory trouble and could get it all down on paper, but at least I'm not the only one!

Chatty said...

I had to keep adding to it after I started writing it down cause I kept finding WIPs, lol

I think I have them all down now, though.