Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Milk crates aren't just for milk anymore

I've had these milk crates for a long time, years even and usually they become a catchall of stuff that can usually be thrown out. I've been cleaning the front bedroom out so we'll have room to store some of my son's stuff that he can't have in his dorm room in there and I had 5 of them, 2 of them crammed with stuff that mostly got thrown out. I'm not saying how many 30 gallon trash bags I have filled so far from that room but the trash man will probably wonder what's going on ;)

Anyway I got some nails and nailed 4 of the crates along one wall where I found 4 studs and nailed the 5th one under the first one I nailed up. I started putting my skeins of yarn that still had wrappers on them in the crates and I have a lot of that although most of it is slated for various projects I have going on. I plan on separating the skeins without wrappers into boxes according to whether they can remain a skein or if I'll have to wind them, it will depend on if they're tangled or not. The room is still a big mess but only because I haven't organized what's in there, most of the trash is gone except for some stuff I can't get to until I start organizing.

So I guess I best get to organizing while I feel like it, huh?

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