Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I think I got my groove back

For a few weeks there I just didn't want to crochet or actually do anything at all. I was depressed over something and was feeling really down, maybe the heat and humidity around here had a lot to do with it too but I just didn't want to do anything. Maybe I had just gotten burned out on crocheting for awhile, I guess I'll never really know for sure.

It didn't help that I had to rip my doily swap doily back 3 rows when I was trying to finish it but when I did I guess it felt so good to finish something again that I finally started wanting to crochet again

I've picked up the roses again, I only have 2 more colors in the roses to finish then I can get to the other rounds of the squares and start putting it together. I'll be working on it pretty much exclusively since it will now have to be mailed off and I want to finish it quickly to make up for the time I wasn't working on anything.

After that I think other than the winter scarf for the swap I just joined will be the only new project I start until I get some of my others finished. I really need to work better on being as good a finisher as I am a starter.

Anyone else out there like that?

Since it's Wednsday...

A Rose in Bloom afghan-size I hook
2 thread ties-a red one in a pineapple pattern-size 8 hook and a blue one in hdc-size 10 hookA Cocoon sweater-size K hookA 63 squares afghan-size H hook, could be anything from G to K, depending on pattern
A pair of crocheted socks in baby yarn, 2 colors of pink-size E hook
A pair of knit socks in RHSS camo-size 3 dpn
A pair of knit socks in baby yarn-lilac-size 3 dpn
A pair of knit slipper socks in Caron SS-baby varigated-size 7 circ
A crochet tank top-size G hook
A sherbet tank top-size H hook
A knit basketweave scarf-size 10½ straight needles
A crochet eyelet wrap-size J hook
A doily for the doily swap in Aunt Lydia's ecru-size 7 hook(hope that's ok with my swap partner, AL is the only thread I can afford)-I switched to a multicolor thread, hope she likes it.-finished.
Finish detangling that tote of yarn, almost there, just got tired of it, plus I need to finish that shawl and those ties. There's some more stuff in there that needs frogging too.
A beret from the Homespun I used on my black/white pineapple shawl.-size K hook
2 mini-shawls-black in size 0 hook and blue in size F hook, same pattern as the pineapple shawls I've been making only in lighter yarn and smaller hook. This is really an experiment to see what it'll do, it could flop or it could fly.
A knit dishcloth-size 8 needles
A crochet dishcloth-size H hook
A Fleuri Bag-needs to be lined and put together

UFOs I found that I want to finish:

An arrowhead afghan-if I can find the colors I'm using-size ? hook, will have to experiment, not sure if I used hook specified in pattern or went larger.
A scrap afghan in the step pattern-I'm calling it Around the World in 80 Scraps-it's in the quilt pattern called Around the World and I probably can find 80 different scraps to use in it.-size H hook
Also: A hat from Yarn Cat's site-Claire-almost finished
A Cats Afghan-using baby yarn and a H hook

All of these except my swap doily are still WIPs, I'll be working on finishing the rose afghan first then the cats afghan.


I finally managed to extract the picture of my doily I received in the doily swap off my camera. I downloaded the software from Kodak and it didn't want to work right so I uninstalled it then used a program in Windows to get it off and XnView to convert it to jpg because the program that got it off my camera saved it as a tiff.

Anyway, here it is, I just love it:

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I've taken on a pretty large task

I'm charting a peacock standing on a pedestal for filet crochet. It'll be daunting but once I'm through will be well worth the effort. The piece will be pretty large but it's so beautiful.

It really isn't hard, just tedious and finding the best way to do so took awhile. I found some online graph paper and now it's just a matter of fill in the squares using MSPaint.

I'll also be doing the Lord's Supper too and that one will make the peacock look easy.

I'm kind of embarrassed

I finally got my doily for the doily swap finished this morning. I was 5 rounds from finishing it when things got really busy last week and I couldn't pick it up much. I probably still could have finished it if I hadn't noticed 3 rounds back that I'd skipped a round so I had to frog 3 whole rounds.

I used a multicolor thread and I hope my partner likes it, her preferences are lighter colors so I hope these aren't too bright for her. I didn't get a picture of it before I packed it so maybe she has a camera, I'd have to dig around for mine since it's been awhile since I've taken any pics with it. The package will go out this afternoon when I have to run out and pick Ricky up from work, the post office is on the way and I'll save gas that way-the way the prices are nowadays you don't want to waste any with unnecessary driving.

I haven't even updated this thing all August, this is my first post this month, I'll try to update more often, I've just been busy and a little depressed but I'm getting better.

I do have to get going on the rose afghan now and finish it up so I can get going on the cats afghan for my grandbaby.

Updates later when I start putting the roses together.