Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wearable doilies

Yes, doilies are wearable. If you check older posts then you'll find I've made a wrap from a chair doily pattern.

Now I've found a free pineapple doily pattern from Freepatterns. The Starburst and Pineapple one is perfect to make a capelet from. Just chain a chain big enough to fit over your head and sit on your shoulders, join into a ring and make 180 dc in it and join that. Then you just start from rnd 9 on the pattern and follow it. You'll skip 4 dc between shells on rnd 9 and have 36 shells when you're finished. I've only just started the pineapple bases on mine, so no pics yet, but it's looking really good. It does look a bit untidy after putting the rnd of dc in, but it straightens out pretty quickly on subsequent rnds. I'm using sport/baby yarn and a size G hook.

In other news, I've mastered the Continental style of knitting and even like it now that I can do it effortlessly. I'm still working on the scarves and cowls, but I'm still a notoriously slow finisher, so it could be Christmas before I finish them. Just wanted to let anyone who's reading this know that I'm making progress. There are some pictures up on my Facebook page, but none here yet.