Sunday, June 19, 2005

She liked it!!

Actually, she loved it. Ms. Janie, the lady I made the Candy Apple pineapple shawl for.

I took it to church with me this morning and when she got there I handed it to her and told her it was for her. The look of surprise and delight on her face was worth it (as always), especially after she unfolded it and tried it on. It's really roomy on her and she should get lots of snuggles from it. She mentioned that it must have taken a long time and I didn't say anything, as anyone who's made it knows, it only takes a few evenings to get one done, they work up so fast. I did take my time with this one to make sure I didn't make too many errors and there was only one that I found that won't show so I didn't frog it back.

I don't have a picture of the finished one but since the other picture is of the finished one before weaving in ends I'm sure most can see how it looks and can imagine it without the loose ends.

They will be leaving Thursday for their new home and I told her I wanted their address. I didn't tell her why but I'm still working on his ties and I can just send them when they're done. I'll send along washing instructions as well since this is #10 thread and has specific washing instructions. I might just include the part of the wrapper that has the washing instructions on it for her. Tonight is their last night at church, he'll be doing Wednsday services at the new church so I'm glad I at least finished the shawl.

I'm going to miss her and not just because she makes the most mouth-watering baked goods you've ever eaten but because they're the most wonderful people anyone could know.

I'm still going to miss her cinnamon rolls too *drool*

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Jenny said...

How can a person NOT like anything made with a pineapple design? LOL