Thursday, June 16, 2005

OK, I couldn't wait

I took a picture of the shawl, I still have all the ends to tuck in but that's all. I plan to give it to her on Saturday if she shows up at the workday at church. If not she'll get it Sunday morning.

Here it is:

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I'm too tired to tuck in the ends right now, that's some dark yarn and is hard on the eyes so I'd rather tuck the ends in when I'm not tired so I won't miss any or put them where they'll slip out. I left them long so I can work them in good.


Rebecca said...

beautiful! she is going to LOVE this!! you've done a wonderful job on it

melissa said...

Lovely!! btw - we're neighbors!
Hello from vicksburg :)


Chatty said...

Thanks Rebecca. The Homespun is a pain to work with but the results were worth it.

Hi Melissa :) You're the closest neighbor that I know of. Bet you have a lot more craft stores to haunt than I do ;)