Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Frenzy scarf

I'm working on a scarf for my secret pal at church out of some of that Frenzy I just bought. It's turning out pretty good, I'm using a MAM pattern from a book of MAM afghans I have. It's really just nothing but V sts with a dc on each end, very easy to do. I don't want the scarf to be one of those mile long things, just something to wear with her outfits or in cool weather to keep her neck warm. It should do that pretty well, it's soft and cozy feeling with just a little prickliness to it.

I never really looked closely at the label of this yarn before because I've never bought it, price was just too high for 50g of it. I looked at this one and this is what Frenzy is made of:

37% nylon
30% acrylic
12% polyester
10.5% alpaca
10.5% mohair

No wonder it normally costs almost $5 for 50g, with alpaca and mohair in it.

I guess our W-M must be discontinuing it since they've marked it down to $1.94. I'm hoping to get more if I get some more extra money, doesn't really look like anyone's buying anything in the discount buggy, or they have loads of the yarn they've discounted because the buggy is always full when I see it.

They also have some Lion Brand bouclé and some Bernat Galaxy yarn there, if it's $1.94 I might get some of that too.

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