Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day gift

That's what I'm calling it. My dad came down from NM to stay with his sister in Wesson for a couple of weeks and brought me a bit tub of yarn that he found that belonged to my mom, who recently passed away. The yarn is in all the colors you can think of and there was also an unfinished afghan in there that I assumed she had started, but come to find out my sister had started it, but the yarn was mom's. Since the pattern is a simple 4 dc shell pattern, changing colors on every row, I decided to finish it. I'm not sure if she had any rhyme or reason for changing colors, but I'm using the most recent color changes as a guide. There's going to be a ton of yarn leftover once I'm done and I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with it-either another afghan or smaller projects. I'll let you know.

I also found a handwritten pattern she copied from somewhere, along with some printed off the inet and a book of crochet/knit sweaters.

Last, but not least, I found several of her Aero hooks in there. She's been using those hooks ever since I can remember, and I almost cried when I found them, they were the best find in the whole box.

All in all, the best Mother's Day gift.....ever.

Crochet hook conversion chart

Converting the different sizes of crochet hooks.

Metric:         Canada/UK:      USA:            USA:

2.              14              -               0
2.25            13              B               1
2.5             12              -               -
2.75            -               C               2
3.              11              -               -
3.5             9               E               4
3.75            -               F               5
4.              8               G               6
4.5             7               -               7
5.              6               H               8
5.5             5               I               9
6.              4               J               10
6.5             3               K               10.5
7.              2               -                -
8.              0               L               11
9.              00              M               13
10.             000             N               15