Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm very tired now

I knew there was a lot of junk in that room, I just wasn't aware how much until I started cleaning this morning-the hazards of being a pack rat, I suppose. I still have a lot of organizing to do in there and there's some things that Ricky will have to throw in his truck and take off for me but the biggest part is done.

I thought I'd show what the crates on the wall look like, they're almost full of the yarn I've been buying lately, most of it is for projects I have ongoing but some of it was just because I liked it. I usually buy RHSS because it's just about all W-M sells. They have some Mainstays and a few Simply Soft and Lion Brand. I have a LYS but their prices are way out of my league. The yarn I've had for years has been organized for the most part either into boxes or totes. I have a couple of boxes full of stuff that needs to be frogged and I still have quite a bit of tangles stuff to untangle but when it's all done I'll have quite a stash, even though most of it is quite old. As long as it can still be crocheted or knitted then it's still worth having. I'm also going to try scrumbling sometime or other so all the little bits will come in handy. One of the bins is pretty full of Bernat Frenzy that I've been snatching up while W-M has it on clearance. $1.94 a ball is pretty good for that stuff and it makes nice scarves.

Anyway, pay no attention to the stuff still underneath the bins, like I said, I'm not through organizing yet ;)

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Sara said...

Looks great!! Doesn't it feel good to know where yarn is?

Chatty said...

Yeah, it does.

I knew where my yarn was, it was in that room, it was just in boxes or bags instead of all in one spot.

And that's just the yarn I've been buying since I started back crocheting, I have lots tangled together that I've had for years, I just haven't wanted to untangle it before now, since I've got back into crochet/knit.

Marla said...

Wow now you wanna come do my yarn room? I have a huge closet for storing yarn. Problem is? I can't even get to it for all the sacks, boxes, bags, you name it!

Chatty said...

Sorry, no, I'm lucky to have gotten that done and only cause I had to.

I'm still not through yet, I have to set the trash out, it's trash day and I still have to put the stuff I couldn't part with in boxes and rearrange the rest of the stuff in there.