Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Almost done

The room I've been cleaning on is almost done, all I need to do is get Ricky to move the old computer junk and other stuff out for me then do a little more rearranging. It's almost time for after pics and anyone who's seen the before pics here will be surprised-scroll down a few posts. Where once you couldn't walk in without stumbling over something now there's almost nothing at all on the floor and the center of the room is clean, except for running the vacuum. The ironing board has been cleaned of the stuff I put on it while picking through stuff, been folded and is leaning against the wall, all the stuff I thought I wanted to keep is in a box in the closet floor and the guitar equipment is towards the back of the room instead of the middle. All my yarn, thread and stuff is either in a box in the closet, in a tote under the milk crates or in the milk crates except for the stuff still in my bedroom, living room and dining room. I'll get to those when I get to the rooms to clean.

I wonder if I subconciously don't want company and that is why I keep such a cluttered up house....

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