Thursday, June 16, 2005

No more Homespun for awhile

While the yarn is incredibly soft it's also incredibly frustrating to work with. I broke the J Crystalite hook I was using just before I had to start the last row of pineapples on the pineapple shawl, where you work each point separately. I figured I'd break one before it was over with but I'd hoped I could finish the shawl before I did, my aluminum Boye J hook snagged the yarn pretty badly and it took me twice as long to finish a point as it did when I finished one with the Crystalite hook.

I'll post a picture of the Candy Apple pineapple shawl after I get the ends tucked in, right now I just want to put the thing down and rest my wrists awhile, maybe pick up something that isn't so hard on them, like regular yarn, I have 2 pineapple shawl collars started-the same pattern as the shawl only with sportweight yarn and a small hook. They'll be way smaller than the shawl-the black one got to row 6 before it was as big as row 4 on the shawl, so we'll see how they look when I finish. I have in mind a miniature shawl, closed in the front around the neck with a couple of buttons that are crocheted together in a small chain. You can wear it over a sleeveless top, dress or even a sweater/turtleneck in cooler weather.

We'll see if my idea works.

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Megan said...

I sympathize completely! Whenever I work with Homespun, it wrecks my mood, so I gave it up :D