Thursday, March 23, 2006

One down, two more to go

I finished the baby Serafina for Joseph and I'm really tempted to make an adult sized one later on for me, it's so cuddly soft that it would be a dream to wear and light enough for this time of year. The pattern shows up really well on this yarn and I'm glad I was gifted with it. I've used Bernat Softee Baby before, for a pair of crochet socks, but this shawl is just dreamy in this pattern.

I'm working on another Serafina in RHSS Aspen Print, almost done and a knit one in my own wavy pattern in Joann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle Dark Blue. I really like the knit one and hope whoever gets it enjoys it. The yarn is very soft and while it's a bit of a pain to work with-all boucles are-I really don't mind it. We'll see if I still feel that way when I start trying to crochet with it, won't we?


Ruth said...

What a wonderful thing for him to cuddle up in. I love that pattern.

Chatty said...

Thank you, I love the pattern too, it works up so fast and with relatively little yarn.

Anonymous said...

I love this, but how do I get the pattern?