Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A little stash growth

I came into some extra money today so I went to W-M to see if they still had the discount buggy out in crafts. They did so I picked up a ball of Bernat Frenzy but none of them were marked. They had been marked at $3 but they weren't marked so I took it to one of the pricing thingies and scanned it. To my surprise they were now $1.94 so I went back and picked up 8 of them in 4 different colors-Ok, one of them is still marked $3 but it was still $1.94. I also picked up a couple more Bernat Softee Baby (not on sale) in the mint and lilac since I seem to be using that in several different projects and will probably pick up some more next time I have some money so that I'll have enough for all the projects. Then I picked up 3 balls of Aunt Lydia's #10 crochet thread (not on sale either) in some colors because I really want to do my swap doily in something other than ecru or white. I'll finish the ecru one and keep it but start a new one in one of the colors I just bought.

I just did the math and if I had bought the Frenzy at the regular price it would have been $34.56 + tax. I paid $15.52 + tax so I saved more than half getting it on clearance. I've always wanted to try some of the novelty yarns but as you can see, they're pretty expensive unless you can get them on sale like I just did. I want to use one of the blue ones in a skinny scarf for my secret pal at church since I haven't given her anything this month yet and blue is her favorite color.

Anyway, here's a pic of what I got. Crochetville is rubbing off on me, I'm impulse-buying yarn now, hehe:

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tezen said...

What a bargain!! My wal-mart never has yarn on sale.

Chatty said...

Mine hardly ever does either, I'm figuring they're discontinuing the yarns they have on clearance and I'm going to get some more as long as they have it and I get more extra money.