Friday, April 22, 2005

Angel Piggy

Someone posted this pig in another pig thread at Crochetville's Show and Tell forum and I just had to try it. The pattern is here I used pink baby yarn for the main pig and lt pink baby yarn for the wings, 2 small buttons for the eyes and black button thread to sew on the eyes and make the nostrils.

Here's my little piggy:

I think I messed him up just a bit, forgot to crochet one rnd even on the snout before inc again so I'm making another one and am going to get some wiggle eyes for it. This one will go to my secret pal at church along with a bath pouf and some bath goodies in a Mother's Day basket I'm planning for her.

I'm going to make my mom a Mother's Day basket too-bath pouf and bath smelly goods. She'll get it a little late cause I'm waiting till she and dad come down around the 14th.

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