Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's a hit

Seems a lot of people like my little thread thingie. Others have said they use old milk jugs or coffee canisters or paper towel holders. All of those are good ideas as long as they keep the thread contained.

I do have to make a modification on the thingie, a big ball of thread (like Aunt Lydia's Big Ball) won't sit on it freely, it's just a bit too short. I'm thinking about a couple of ways to modify it without taking it apart that should work, or I'll just use my paper towel holder, no one seems to want to hang paper towels on it anyway. I'm working on an idea anyway and holding 2 threads together, the paper towel holder should hold both balls for me. That way I won't have to do any cutting on my other one, I can just use my paper towel holder.

That was another good idea, Michelle ;)

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