Friday, March 25, 2005

Headdesk moment.....almost

I'm in the pillowghan CAL at Crochetville and had decided to do the pineapple pillowghan mostly cause I love the pineapple pattern.

The first time I try to make the square I had to frog back to the 3rd rnd cause I can't count to 6. I had 5 tr in one of the pineapple bases and didn't notice till I had almost finished. I frogged back and fixed it and finished the square. It was 11" instead of 12" so I went from a J to a K hook and I started another square with the same thing happening, I had to frog it again *headdesk* I finished the square this morning and I'll be darned if it still wasn't 11" so before I did another *headdesk* I tried adding another rnd and this is the result:

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I kinda like it, makes the pineapple a little pointier. At least it's 12" now and no more *headdesk* unless I forget how to count to 6 again *wink*

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Birthday & Christmas Prezzies

These next 3 were gifts for friends of mine. The first one is an afghan called Cables done holding one strand of gold yarn and one strand of amethyst yarn together and using a size Q hook. It was a birthday present for my very good friend who lives in Scotland. The little dog is mine, she's a camera hog *Grin*.

The other two are called Granny's Garden, I can't remember which book I got it from but I know it's from Red Heart. They're a version of the granny square starting in the middle and working your way out. The red/gray one was sent to Ohio and the burgundy/white one went to my son in law.

As always, you can click the thumbnails for a bigger picture.

My prettiest afghan

I think this is my prettiest afghan I've ever made. I made it for a lady in our church and she loves it. She told me that everyone who sees it compliments it. I'm glad she's happy with it and I hope she gets many years of service from it. It's called Rose in Bloom, appropriate I think.

You can click the thumbnail to see the bigger picture if you like.


This is my first post here. I'll be posting pics of my crochet and knit stuff here so that others can see what I'm up to.

Stay tuned while I figure all this out ;)