Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A little tip

I posted in an earlier post about making a crochet tie for our pastor as a goodbye gift from me. I'm using #10 thread and a #10 needle so the work is very small. I have to take my glasses off to see it straight (I'm nearsighted and wear bifocals and the bifocal doesn't let me see my work right or something) I'm making the tie up, using only hdc and I've figured out my row count. I know how many rows I need to go before starting the decreases for the other part of the tie and hit on an idea to help me count the rows. I put a small safety pin (wish I had the tiny gold ones) every 10 rows so I only have to count 10 rows at a time. It really helps my eyes if I don't have to constantly count from the bottom.

I'm sure somone thought of this but I thought I'd put it here in case someone hasn't.

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