Monday, June 13, 2005

Just about got the dress dummy figured out

I'm not going from the neck down, I'm going to make small squares and join them. I can fill in the curved gaps with sc, I think.

I'm going to go to some stores around town and see where I can get a foam mattress pad the cheapest then cut out 2 pieces from my measurements for a front and back then I'll have something to go by to lay my squares out. I can use fiberfill to stuff sections that need a little more shape.

As for the bust, I've been thinking about that boobie pillow they've been talking about over at Crochetville, I think I can adapt that pattern to do the bust. I don't need the dummy to be a perfect match to my measurements since I probably won't be making any fitted clothes (not with my body anyway, hehe) I just want something to use to see how tops or skirts will fit and how shawls and ponchos will drape.

I've decided that some small circumference PVC pipe should make a good stand and support for my dummy, I'll just need to hit the hardware store for the stuff I need when (if) I get the dummy made. I'll have to have the stand in it before I stuff it too much because I'm going to make a support for the dummy to sit on across the shoulders, kind of like a big T.

I hate it when ideas grab me and won't let go, sometimes I hate it anyway. If hubby knew what I was doing he'd probably send me on to the loony bin but oh, well ;)

Yeah, I'm really off my rocker here, but isn't that the way most inventors are? ;)


Catana said...

You may be off your rocker, but then I must be too. I like your idea and might even get around to trying it out one of these days. I've been frustrated about lack of a model, but can't afford a dressmaker's dummy. I'm thinking maybe using full bags of fiberfill tied in strategic spots for shaping and then working the cover over that.

Chatty said...

Thanks :)

I've been off my rocker for years now so I should be used to it.

Your idea is intriguing but I'm trying the foam first. It'll be on the outside and then I can stuff fiberfill in the middle to shape it more like I need to it to be with the foam giving it a little more body.

It'll probably take me awhile but now I'm determined to do it.