Monday, May 30, 2005

I had an idea

While I was crocheting on another little capelet like the black/red one an idea hit me to try something. I might later when things settle down around here, it's VBS this week and I'm helping in crafts (no surprise there). We were working with red clay today and that stuff was just about like going outside and finding a gravel pit and picking up a handful of that clay only this was redder. Our theme this year is Indian based so we were making clay bowls/cups/etc and this stuff gets everywhere. At least it washes right off and we had plastic aprons for the kids to wear over their clothes. Surprisingly there wasn't that big a mess made except on the kids' hands. Tomorrow we'll be making leather bracelets with their Indian names on them using colored Sharpies which should be fun. Later on in the week we'll be making salvation bracelets with colored pony beads and leather, decorating picture frames and making feather headbands. At least we got the messiest craft over with first. I'll have pictures later when I get all of them made. So far I've made two bowls and both bracelets.

If I get this capelet done I'll write it out and post it in my pattern blog.

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