Friday, May 06, 2005

Loads of yarn

I've frogged 3 sweaters so far.

I don't think I'll ever try to frog chenille again, it's a pain in the hiney. I did get some very pretty rust red and black yarn, not a whole lot, it was really thin. I had to be really careful because it hung up easily and if you tugged very hard it would snap.

The first one I frogged was a blue acrylic, looks like it's pretty lightweight, maybe sport. I'm not exactly sure yet what I want to do with it but I didn't lose a whole lot of it except at the shoulders where the seams were serged.

The one I just finished frogging is a 55% ramie/45% acrylic in a very pretty light peach. I will be doing this I think. I saved the fringe that was on the front of the sweater and I might use it on the shawl, if there's enough. I know it won't take all the yarn to make, I'm not going to use a N hook, I'll be using a K.

I don't think I'll be frogging any more sweaters right now, I don't have much time to haunt garage sales and the thrift stores have put out their summer stuff, I might find some cotton sweaters if I'm lucky but I might have to wait till fall to start haunting the thrift stores again.

Anyway, soon as I get all my yarn balled up nicely I'll post a pic of all I got, and it was all free cause it was either sweaters that Jen left after she got married and one that someone had given me that I don't wear.

Free yarn is always nice.

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