Friday, May 27, 2005

Why socks?

For some reason I can hear non crochet/knitter/crafters asking this question. I can hear them asking "Why knit/crochet your own socks when it's probably cheaper to buy them?"

There are several reasons:

First: They're fun to do. I pick my color/s and start making my socks.

Second: While they're possibly more expensive than buying them I also feel that handmade socks are more durable than ready made socks. That's JMHO

Third: They're unique. My handmade socks don't look like anything you can buy off the shelf, they're made by me and are therefore unique. Unless someone else takes the same yarn, needles/hook and makes theirs exactly the same as I did. Then they're still unique because no two feet are exactly alike and you make your socks to fit your feet. Which brings me to...

Fourth: I find most store bought socks are too tight in the cuff and bind my ankle. I can make my cuffs a bit looser to not be so tight around my ankle. I make them to my specifications, not the specifications of Hanes, FOL or any other mass market sock maker out there.

Why am I even making this post? It's my blog and I can ramble about whatever I like in it, no one's forcing you to read it and if you don't want to read it you're free to click something else. Also I just thought someone should list some of the reasons they like making socks. I can probably think of some more but right now these four are enough and I'm going to make socks as long as I'm able to knit/crochet and if someone doesn't like it then they don't have to watch me now, do they?

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