Friday, May 27, 2005

Sock, sock, sock

Here I have 3 socks in various stages of completion. Beginning from the right: Two-tone crocheted ankle sock in two shades of leftover pink baby yarn, knit camo ankle sock in RHSS, knit lilac ankle sock in leftover lilac baby yarn.

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By the time cooler weather approaches Mississippi again I should have at least 3 more pairs of handmade socks to keep my feet warm. These are some small projects, along with the knit basketweave scarf, to go along with the 3 afghans I still have to finish.

In other news, a lady in church gave me a Mary Maxim catalogue and on the front is a knit poncho. it's made with 4 different knit blocks and I intend to see if I can replicate it. It's also on their website. If it's simple enough for a beginner to do I'm betting I can figure out how to do it and make my own. It won't be anytime soon but that's ok, as long as I have a picture to look at I should be ok. Click one of the sites to enter (I went into the American one) and click Poncho Gallery. It's on page 2, scroll down to the bottom, it's the Easy Blocks Poncho.

Anyway, I have work to do today, not much but it won't get done with me sitting my fat behind in front of this computer

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