Thursday, May 26, 2005


I think I'll keep the directions I wrote for the capelet I just did (see previous post) on my computer for reference for now until I'm sure I won't get into any trouble for posting it. I will definitely make more of them in other colors from my stash later when I get going on the roses afghan, I'll have quite a stash of leftovers from that when I'm through since I only need 8 roses of each color for the afghan then it won't take much more to do the border if she wants me to use each color in the border like she did with the other one. It doesn't take a lot of yarn to make the capelet, I'd wager about 3 ozs of each color you're holding and I just can't see paying $58 ($43 on sale) for something I can make myself.

The knit scarf is coming along nicely and works up incredibly fast, just like Drew said. You get 10 rows knit before you know it and it's time to reverse what you were doing. I really have to watch myself at this point so that I don't confuse myself over what I'm doing or I get funny looking basketweaves. I've just started the third weave, which is a repeat of the first, there's 10 rows one way and 10 the other way. I've only worked on it sporadically and still have 22 rows done on it.

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The sock I haven't picked back up, might do that today after I get back from cleaning pools. I hardly wear socks in the summertime anyway. This is probably the best time to knit them though, so I have them ready for when cold weather gets here so I probably better at least try to finish the ones I've started on.

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