Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Frogging sweaters

I've been reading at Crochetville about people buying sweaters at thrift stores for practically nothing and then frogging them for the yarn. My daughter left a couple of sweaters here after she got married and the seams aren't serged so I think I'll wash them to get the musty smell out (they've been in her room a couple of years now) and try to frog them. They're both 100% acrylic, one is a pretty blue and the other is an orangy red and black chenille-feeling one. I hope I can get the yarn out of them, I might try to make a couple of tank tops with the yarn. I guess we'll find out when they come out of the dryer, I had a load I needed to wash anyway so it did double duty, I'll have clean clothes and a couple of nice smelling sweaters to frog.

Will keep you updated on whether the frogging was successful.

I'm also going to hit my local Salvation Army sometime and see if there are any treasures there waiting to be discovered.

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