Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Washed and ready to pack

I've finally finished the pineapple pillowghan and washed it. It wasn't hard, except on my wrists sometimes, I've got the beginnings of carpal tunnel I think.

Anyway it turned out really nice and soft after I dried it with some fabric softener sheets.

Here's the pic:

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Andrea J said...

It is simply lovely!!!

Jingle_Lady said...

That's a lovely afghan! :)

Chatty said...

Thank you ladies

I hope to later make one for myself, it's easy enough but right now I still have some projects I need to get out before I start too many more new ones

Jewels said...

Love your pineapple pillowghan. So elegant and classy looking!

Mitzi said...

Gorgeous job! I'll get that posted to the Pillowghan CAL gallery today!