Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm going to knit for awhile

To rest my wrists. Knitting isn't nearly as hard on them as crocheting is. I still have some crochet projects I need to get out but I won't be in an insane hurry to get them done.

I have the roses afghan to complete
The 63 squares to get a move on
The pineapple shawl for my secret pal-I might swap this one and do a seraphina one instead, that is one gorgeous shawl.
I have a pair of socks I'm crocheting from leftover baby yarn
A pair of socks I'm knitting (see earlier post)

I think I'll frog the other knit sock I was working on and start it over, it's still too big and I want it to fit. Frogging's no big deal in this instance since it was an experiment and I expected to have to frog. At least the other one I started last week should fit, if my calculations were correct.

I've also started a knit scarf. Drew is making one for a Christmas gift for someone and has a link to the pattern. It's a basic basketweave pattern that works up fast. I like the garter st edge he's putting on his compared to no edge on the original so I'm putting a 3 garter st edge on mine as well. I'm doing mine in RHSS in Orchid, a very pretty color. I'm also slipping the first st of each row, that makes a neater edge than knitting the first st of each row.

That's about all for this post, see you next post.


~drew emborsky~ said...

I can't wait to see pics!!

Chatty said...

Check a couple of posts up, got a pic of the first 22 rows anyway ;)