Friday, May 27, 2005

Slipper sock

I know I said I was going to frog the slipper sock but I got to looking at it and I think I'll go ahead and finish it. I was at the toe decreases anyway so I wasn't far from finishing. I'll make another to go with it and have a nice warm pair of slipper socks for this winter. They won't be too awful big on me, my feet are a pretty good size, 9" long and on the wide side. I took a picture, almost done with the toe decreases now so you can see what it's going to look like. I didn't use a pattern, I'm just winging it with a basic pattern, going mostly by tutorials and instinct.

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I really like the colors, it's Caron SS in baby pastel shades, I forget what the actual name of it is but I do like it and if I have to I can get another one but I think I'll have enough left in the skein to get another sock.

Ok, I"m procrastinating but I wanted to finish the slipper sock before I left since I didn't have much left to do on it. I don't know why I've read that the kitchener stitch is so hard, I read the directions several times when I was reading about knit socks and I didn't even have to go back and read them again when I was weaving in the toe stitches. I think I did a pretty good job for my first knit sock on 2 circular needles, the top is a bit loose but that just means the sock will slouch, it's about crew length, a good length for slouching.

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