Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Some other finished gifts

I thought I'd post some other finished gifts I made recently. I made the orange Fleuri bag for a teen at church and she absolutely loves it. I made the cross bookmark for my secret pal at church.

I'm going to be making all kinds of small crocheted things and putting them back to use as impromptu gifts later in the year when I have Christmas parties to attend. We usually play the Santa game and having a handmade gift to give saves money instead of having to buy something and fight crowds all doing the same thing. Good thing I usually only do a couple of parties where I have to do that.


Donna said...

You are so smart to start making little gifts now. I love the purse! You've inspired me to start making some small items and putting them away for when I need them. Thanks!

Jewels said...

I do the same thing, have made two Xmas afghans already. I like your fleuri bag!!

Chatty said...

Donna, I like to keep several small projects going in between my larger ones so I don't get bored and put something down never to pick it back up.

Jewels, Thank you, Mindy loved it. I might make another one for one of the Santa game parties I go to, won't need but 2 ladies gifts and 2 men's since we only attend maybe 2 during Christmas.