Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A Little Experiment

I'd been reading at Crochetville about how to make stitch markers out of fish hook earring wires, pins and beads and an idea had been floating around in my head about maybe trying to crochet one so I took an earring wire, some baby yarn and pony beads and made one up:

It was only an experiment and I plan to get better at it. The next one will be out of thread and large seed beads as soon as I can get some of the large ones, I only have tiny ones right now which is too small for #10 crochet thread.

The other problem I've run across is the wire itself, it doesn't have the little latch on it to hook it closed around the work so it won't slip out. I think I've figured a workaround for that, in my next one I'll fix a bead close enough to be able to slip around the end of the wire and not slip off (I hope).

It'll take some more experimenting but I think I can do it. If I'm going to have stitch markers for my crochet they might as well be crocheted ones, eh?

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