Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stitch/row markers

I had been reading up at Crochetville about making stitch markers with fish hook earring wires. Since Wal-Mart here doesn't carry the ones that latch so the marker doesn't accidentally slip off I wasn't sure if they would do. I had a couple of them from a kit I bought and crocheted some markers on it with some pony beads and they worked because I could slip the end of the wire in the top bead. These worked fine for stitch markers then I got to thinking about making row markers without having to get numbered beads. I saw another post where someone was using copper wire to make markers so I got some craft wire from Wal-Mart-point: don't get the black for these projects, it'll peel-and some large seed beads that will slip over the wire. I took some needlenose pliars and cut a small piece off the spool then curled one end so the beads wouldn't slip off. I threaded 9 beads of one color and another bead of another color onto the wire then curled the wire around at that point so thebeads wouldn't slip up the wire. I then curved the wire around into a loop at the other end which should help keep the marker from accidentally slipping out of your work.

Here's the the 2 I've finished-each bead represents 10 rows and the odd colored bead represents which row you're on. Starting from the top, you can put it on row 10, then 20, etc. as stitch markers it doesn't matter. The picture is a little blurry but you can see what I mean.

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