Friday, April 29, 2005

Getting a start on the knit socks

I've gotten a start on the knit socks, I went to Wal Mart a little while ago and got 2 sets of #6 needles in 2 different colors. They're 29" and I wish I could have gotten 12" or even 16" ones but the 29" ones were the only ones Wal Mart sells. I'm using Caron Simply Soft to practice with since Wal Mart doesn't sell sock yarn.

It was a little clumsy at first until I figured out how they were doing it, now it isn't so bad and I actually like it better than using dpn because if I want to take it with me to work on I can just slide the stitches onto the cable and they won't drop off the needles. I'm not even using a marker for the beginning because of the different colored needles, I just remember which color needles I started with and that's all I need to remember.

We'll see if it's any easier doing the heel and gusset when I get to them, I'll keep you updated.

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