Friday, April 29, 2005

Finished a sock

I finished one sock out of the sock yarn my fairy sent me. I really like it, it'll brighten my feet up, that's for sure. I'm going to have to order some more sock yarn and experiment, I'd really like to try to make some knee socks too, I might get some WW yarn for that, it might hold up better for the taller socks.

I still intend to learn how to knit socks as well, I might try to find a 12" circular needle and do it that way instead of with the dpn.

A new yarn store has opened up downtown, I found out about it from someone who told me about it. I went to look and I'd have to have a bag full of money to get any yarn there, the wool/acrilic sock yarn was about $9 a ball and some of the 1.75 oz hanks of wool was around $14 a hank. I might save my money over the summer and get some, or I'll start ordering from Herrschner's, their prices are a bit more reasonable, they have a wool/nylon sock yarn for $2.56, I think I can afford that better if I want to make wool socks. Right now the Bernat Sox acrylic/nylon is quite soft and feels good on the foot. I did get a 24" bamboo circular needle in size 13. It was $12 but I have a pattern that calls for a size 13 circular needle so I got it. I'll try that pattern later, at least I have the needles. I think I might like them, they're really smooth-feeling and if I do like the way they knit I might get some more of them.

I'll post a pic of the socks when I get the other one done, it's just the basic sock pattern from the sock book I got in my package. I thought I'd better do the basic sock a few times before I try anything fancy, get it down first. I might be able to work my own patterns then.

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