Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another Blooming Rose afghan

The lady I made the Rose in Bloom afghan for (see the My Prettiest Afghan entry)

This time she wants the roses in 6 colors-red, yellow, white, lavender, orange and pink. The second round will still be a medium to dark green for leaves and I was waffling with what to do for the outside 2 rounds-Either mint green or off white. I posted at Crochetville and ExIsle for opinions and most of them seemed to like my idea of mint green so that's what I think I'm going with.

I'll be working on this one in between a surprise I'm working on for a friend in Oregon and a baby ensemble I'm working on for another friend. At least I don't seem to be running out of projects, they seem to be multiplying.

The woman I made the pink poncho for absolutely loved it. She was at church this morning and I got the biggest hug and thank you I think anyone's ever given me. Her boyfriend was with her and told me I did an excellent job. A beginner could do the pattern I used, I've always thought the simpler a pattern was the better it looked. Not that I can't do complicated patterns and have on occasion, I just prefer simple, easy and fast patterns, I think most crafters do.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of the baby stuff and rose afghan when I get farther along with them, the babyghan is about halfway and the surprise isn't as far along as I'd like but I'm fixing that by working on it starting tomorrow. I've made a couple of onesies, a diaper shirt, hat and booties to go with the babyghan. The babyghan is lilac baby yarn and the clothes are blue baby sport yarn.

Enough rambling, on to crocheting.

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