Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sock adventures

I've gotten back into socks for small knit projects between larger crochet or knit projects.

As a practice I started a Seaweed Sock in some Bernat Soft Baby yarn in mint and some #3 dpn. I know, not exactly sock yarn but this is practice and if I finish the pair I'll have something to wear around the house that looks pretty nice. The first one is down to the foot, I've gotten past the heel flap with no problems, had to frog the heel shaping twice before I got it right and the gusset shaping was no problems. We'll see how the toe shaping goes when I get to it.

I have started another pair of socks in actual sock yarn. I splurged and went to my LYS and bought some Regia 4 in color #5759, a blue-gray, gray, white self-striping yarn. I'm doing a basic sock, using #2 dpn, not really following any pattern (I know how to do all the basic shaping) and letting the stripes be the focus. When I move onto patterned socks I'll probably get some solid sock yarn instead and not at my LYS, I think I'm going to start getting all my sock yarn from Knitpicks or Elann because the prices they have for sock yarn of the same wool/nylon content I'm using are about half of what I can get it for at my LYS or at Herrschner's or any other craft place or site. At Knitpicks, if I get $40 or more worth of stuff I can also get free shipping, that's a lot of socks. Maybe I can scare up a free code # too so maybe I wouldn't have to get that much at one time but who wouldn't want to have enough yarn to make 9 pairs of socks, that would only be app. $54 and you'd have enough socks to last awhile or give as gifts or you could make hats, gloves or mittens if you got tired of socks. The other wools there are also very reasonably priced so when I get ready to try a felted project I'm getting some of their WotA (Wool of the Andes) yarn, I've heard mostly nothing but good things about all of Knitpicks or Elann's stuff, enough to give them a try anyway.

Oh, I'll post pics of my finished socks when they're done.

One other thing, switching between #2 and #3 dpn is an adventure in itself ;)

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