Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ok, I'm a liar

But then, aren't all us yarnworkers liars? We keep saying we won't start new projects until we finish some old ones. I said I wasn't going to start anything big until I finished my blue shawl. Well, I lied. I started a Serafina in the JSRB Green and let me tell you it's stunning so far. The colors blend so nicely into one another and it's not that bad to crochet with, similar to Bernat Softee Baby only I don't snag the JoAnn's like I did the Bernat. I have a skirt that's almost the same color as one of the medium greens in the JoAnn's and this shawl will complement it very well.

It's not like it's a really big, tedius project, I should be done with it soon, I'll just trade off working on both JoAnn shawls until they're both done.

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