Thursday, April 27, 2006

Found a sweater pattern I like

I've been searching for a sweater (cardigan/jacket type) to crochet or knit for quite some time now and I found one today. It's Annie's Attic free pattern of the day. It's called Hand-Paint Medley and it's really pretty. I can't get the Brown Sheep Handpaint unless I order online. I have some RHSS in my stash in white that I'm going to try. My gauge swatch was 4" wide by 4½" tall-just the row gauge was off and I don't think that should give me many problems. I don't think I'm going to let that worry me, it'll just make the sweater a little longer and give me more freedom-I don't like tight clothes anyway.

I know RHSS isn't the best stuff in the world but I really can't afford anything better right now, if I like the way this turns out I might do another one in WotA when I can afford to get some, KnitPicks would be one of the only other places where I could get nice, quality yarn.

Just in case anyone misses/missed the pattern, this is what it looks like:

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I for one am glad I decided to check out the free pattern today, I know I've missed a bunch by not checking every day-will have to remind myself to do that, it only takes a minute.

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