Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shawls are really nice

Even if they go out of style I'll probably continue to use one. Personally I think they're one of those classic items of clothing that never really completely goes out of style.

I'm wearing one right now because the computer I'm using has a window a/c right behind it and the air is pretty chilly. The shawl keeps most of it off me and makes working/playing in front of the computer much better. It's the Leftover Serafina I made awhile back and I still have a couple more ends to work in. A little cool air is getting past the holes and on my bare arms but not enough to be uncomfortable. Sitting here without the shawl on was much more uncomfortable but if I shut the a/c off then the house will get too warm. Catch-22, huh? I can't move the computer because it isn't my house but at least I had left the shawl here so I have it to wear.

And yes, the vents are pointed up but some air is coming out from under them and that is what's cold.

I think I'm close to halfway finished with Peace, Be Still.

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