Wednesday, April 19, 2006


A short row heel I can live with!

I just finished the Japanese short row the way Nona describes it and I have nice looking short row heels. At first it looks funny but continue doing it and it works itself all out and you have no holes to speak of.

When I go back to knitting around I do pull up a loop between needles, slip it to the left needle and k those two sts together to close any hole between heel and instep, do this for both sides then continue knitting around until you get to your toe shaping. I'm not that far yet but it won't be long, I am using RHSS and 10½ circular needles. This is going to be more of a slipper sock/bootie with the top coming up right around my ankle.

Will post a pic when I'm finished.

I'll most likely finish my other striped sock before I go on to make the other slipper, it's getting a bit warm to be wearing slippers but I can now make some for gift giving now, when I can get some yarn worth making gifts out of anyway.

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