Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I finished

I finished the socks I was knitting from Regia. No pics yet, the socks are at the house and I'm not, maybe tomorrow if I remember to bring them with me.

They weren't hard to do, just a basic ankle sock, I just got bored with the simple pattern and put the second one down for awhile. That's usually the basis for SSS-Second Sock Syndrome-and I wasn't going to go down there, I wanted to wear my socks and the only way to do that was to finish the second sock.

To counter that problem in the future I think I'm going to try two socks on two circulars method. I'm practicing with baby yarn and it looks like they're going well. I'm doing a toe-up method using short row toes which I had to do each toe seperately before working on both socks at once. I wasn't keen on trying the figure 8 cast on or any other that started at the toe end. I did the Japanese short row method and that seemed to work the best out of all of the short row methods. You do have to be careful when you do this because you could skip a stitch and turn your row too soon (ask me how I know). This isn't something you want to be doing while watching tv, at least until you get the toes done. The foot of the sock is plain on bottom and I'm doing the Seaweed pattern from the Seaweed Sock. I plan on doing a short row heel and doing the seaweed pattern all the way up the leg, depending on how much yarn is in the smaller ball that I'm using. I don't like socks that come up too far on my legs anyway so we'll see how tall I make them, depends on how tight they feel on my foot. I do not like a tight sock, which is why I've started making my own instead of buying them because store bought socks have all been too tight in the leg for me.

Anyway, stay tuned for pictures.

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