Friday, May 08, 2009

I feel like rambling

For absolutely no reason. I guess I can keep some crafts in it to keep it on topic because this is a crafting blog, but Friday has not been very good yet. My truck had a flat on it that my husband aired up for me last night. This morning it was still up, so, silly me, I didn't look to see if the other tires might have needed to be checked too. I got out on the highway and immediately started fishtailing, so I slowed way down and pulled over into the median and checked-sure enough, I had a flat on the back. Just so happens-just in case-my son left his little air compressor with me just in case the front one went flat on me. I managed to get enough air into the tire to get it home. I called Ricky and asked if he'd aired the back one up and he said he didn't even think to check it, so I told him it was flat too. Then I flipped the air compressor on-nothing, the breaker was thrown. I got the tire aired up and went and did what I was going to do in town anyway and came home.

Now, onto crafts, sort of. You noticed the little percent bars off to the right of my posts? Wonder why each is a different color? No? Well, I decided to make the color showing my progress as close to the color of my project as I could, cause I'm mostly a colorful person and like to be different. I just put mine and my mom's socks in there to keep track of their progress. I'll probably finish hers first since I promised her a pair and she lives in a completely different state from me, so I'll have to send them to her.

Okay, my friend from England finally got home and buzzed me, so I'll see you guys later.

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