Saturday, September 09, 2006

An anniversary gift

I saw this while browsing around Knitting Pattern Central the other day and I got to thinking. Ricky needs a new strap because he has more guitars than he does straps. The problem is, he's a plain, country type of guy and I don't think he would like a fur-trimmed strap.

What he actually wants, and can't find anymore (and probably couldn't afford it if he found it), is a wide leather one with a fleece lining. He has one that he's had for longer than we've been married (and we're coming up on 28 years) and I started thinking. I can use it for sort of a template and use Lion Suede and get some fleece polishing cloths from the automotive department. All in all, I don't think it would be too bad of a deal. I'm also going to crochet it instead of knit-I think it'll be sturdier that way. The fleece lining will give it some stability against any stretching as well. I don't think the suede will stretch as much as regular yarn anyway.

Anyway, I need to make a trip to W-M and see if they're still carrying Lion Suede, maybe later today, while Ricky is resting-he hates going into W-M because for some reason whenever he goes in there he ends up getting sick.

If it turns out then I might post my instructions in my Original Patterns blog since I haven't seen any crocheted guitar straps.

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