Saturday, September 09, 2006

More on the guitar strap

I got two balls of Lion Suede in ecru and am about halfway through with the strap. It's a bit wider than my leather strap but I like them wide. I don't think I'm going to need to line it, I'm crocheting it holding two strands together and using an I hook so there's very little give in it.

I also got one of those fleece things that wraps around your car's shoulder belt-it's just the right size. I won't be using it for this, though, Ricky said he wants this strap for the acoustic bass and it isn't that heavy. He can use the fleece on one of his other leather straps on one of the heavier guitars he has. All three of his electric guitars are heavy because they're also old-from at least 1972-1978 when they made guitars to last. Being as heavy as they are, at least 50# each, if you don't have a wide leather, cushioned strap it would be almost impossible to play the guitar for any length of time standing up-the stress on your shoulder would be enormous.

I'm liking how this color is doing, it would go with just about anything but you could choose from any color in Suede that you liked, as long as you used two strands held together.

Look for the pattern when I have time to write it down and perfect it.

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